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  Monster Lights Australia Extreme LED illumination systems
Monster LED Lights produce intense white light OBLITERATING Halogen and Xenon HID lights. They are the next-generation
There is no comparison. You get the best of both worlds Spot and Flood nothing escapes giant bubble of light in front of you.
Based in Australia we are the original and the best. We design and service monster lights for ultimate performance.
Some say its like Alien technology, they have never seen lights so bright.
We are the first in the world with a Kilowatt of LED power offroad. Give us a call on 0397082850

Don't waste time and money buying junk get the good stuff with guaranteed performance & warranty Monsterlights has you covered

Extreme bars are here 100w 200w 300w 400w 500w

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2 Year Guarantee  Full Replacement Warranty on GEN6 and Serviced here.            
sales@monsterlights.com.au      Terms and conditions


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Make sure you buy genuine there are many fakes and copycat sites all our lights have branding and the logo.  If your light does not amaze you its not a Monsterlight.
We are open Monday-Sat. We can demonstrate lights for you at night so you can make a informed decision. Call 0397082850  9AM-6PM Mon Fri -Sat-Sun closed

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