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        ML66R Install page for the VW Amarok
Parts required
1x pair of stingers ver1/2/3 will work
1x number plate bracket or custom mounts, Note Delta4x4 put out a great bar for this now
1x Bosch 20A relay and 20A Fuse
selection of connectors and eyelets blue type
2 pairs of connectors for the lights Narva/utillux etc [tho these can be soldered instead]
2m of 6mm wire [red/black]
Black electrical tape [nito]
Special tools>
Soldering iron & solder
& Multimeter or test light & crimp gun

Note this installation does require a small amount of electronics knowledge and skill
We are not using a inline switch inside the cab to isolate the lights from the high-beam.

        These brackets were custom made you could also use a number plate bracket or nudge bar
On the battery take the cover off and add a 6mm wire with fuse to the main terminal
Add  a 6mm black wire for the negative of the lights and relay
I used a inline fuse and mounted the relay to this pipe for ease of access, sealing the top terminals with tape
On the left hand side find the light connector for the headlight press firmly on the catch and remove it
you may have to wiggle it and use a screwdriver on the catch -its a pain to get off
you might need to get a freind with small hands to get in there.

Now find the thick white wire with the black stripe that's the high beam we will tap into this
to activate our relay and turn on the stingers [+ active]

You can use those crimp style wire joiners here if you like, a better way is to strip away some of the insulation
wrapping the relay +trigger wire tightly around it then solder it and put a dab of silicone over it then wrap with
black electrical tape then plug it back in.
Note you might want to check with a multimeter or light to check you have the correct wire on + high beam activation

There you have it the secrets of a Amarok install
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